Safety when riding

Wear an appropriate riding helmet. Additionally, wear proper other apparel. This implies no long streaming free garments that could become involved with tack, however it likewise implies don't wear shorts, as they are awkward to ride in. Consider your footwear as well – don't ride in shoes, flip tumbles, some other footwear without a rear area to get on the stirrup or open-toed shoes.

Riding Safety Guide

Be legitimate about your riding capacity and past experience. This enables your hosts to best match you with a steed to suit and furthermore, makes them mindful of whether you may require additional individual guidance.

Continuously check all tack, particularly the bigness (known as the 'secure' in the USA and some different areas), previously mounting and again following a couple of minutes of riding.

Watch out for steeds holding their ears 'level back' – this is an indication that they are furious with something.

Always put your phone on silent in case you are carrying it with you. An unexpected noise, for example, a ringtone can spook steeds.

Know the signs. That implies the signs for the two people and ponies. Make sure before you set off that you know about the hand flags your guide will use along the ride. What's more, for steeds, for instance, on the off chance that you end up apprehensive and grasp on firmly with your legs, recall this is regularly really the flag for the pony to continue pushing ahead, not to stop!