Kutch Classic Rider Camp

    Kutch Classic Rider Camp gives you a great opportunity to explore a very interesting desert region in Gujarat. The place is full of amazing experiences since it is home to a wide array of flora and fauna. During horseback safari, various ecologically rich and wildlife conservation areas of Kutch can be visited such as Flamingo Sanctuary, Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, Banni Grasslands Reserve, Kutch Bustard Sanctuary. A very interesting stop will be Kutch Fossil Park, to learn a little about the evolution of life and nature of the earth.

    On a horse safari, one will have a chance to spot lots of beautiful birds, more than 250 species in the area, many of them very rare. Occasionally flocks of storks or cranes fly overhead and you can hear the movement of their large wings or their distant clangor calls. Lucky travelers might also spot desert cats, foxes, donkeys, jackals, gazelles, and antelopes. From time to time herds of camels will pass by.

    An unforgettable experience will be a visit to the colorful villages of nomadic (and semi-nomadic) tribes known for beautiful textile art. Each village there has its own signature. You will have a chance to interact with tribal people, admire their arts and crafts as well as enjoy local food. Travelers are usually very curious about the vernacular mud houses, which stay cool even on very hot days. During the safari, you will have a great opportunity to visit some interesting historic sites of Kutch region, ancient temples, and monuments.

    If you are an adventure lover, a horse safari across Rann of Kutch with tented camps on the baits will be an interesting experience and Kutch Classic Rider Camp is highly recommended for that matter, as they can assure a well organized and very exciting trip.


    Elzbieta Jaworska

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