• - Ahalya Chinnaraj
    Beautiful space and wonderful staff. The food was fabulous and the staff were very attentive. It a safe place for women traveling alone. The host Mr Girvar Singh was very helpful. Will definitely come back again.
    - Ahalya Chinnaraj
  • - Sha, Bengaluru
    Away from the crowd. Standing apart, a lovely five kilometers away, from the otherwise clustered resorts, tents, and other attractions at Dhordo is this stark yet charmingly designed set of tents that form the Kutch Classic Rider Camp. The service and hospitality are outstanding and the food, simple and divine. Much later after we met the charismatic owner Mr Girvar Singh is when we learned that 'Rider' here means 'horse riders'. A beautiful drive away is also the very serene Chhari-Dhand bird sanctuary. Altogether a romantic introduction to Kutch!
    - Sha, Bengaluru
  • Manasvi Shah
    A great ambience, great atmosphere and friendly staff. We Would like to come again in future at Kutch Classic Rider Camp resort.
    Manasvi Shah
  • Akansha Apoorva
    It was awesome experience staying in Kutch Classic Rider Camp. Must visit place to see Heights of Hospitality. It was really awesome and much better than Tent City.
    Akansha Apoorva